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Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future with Heritage Secondary Glazing

by Kiwi Home Solutions

Heritage Secondary Glazing is a specialised solution designed for historic and character homes where traditional window replacements are not suitable due to heritage preservation requirements.

It provides an additional layer of glass fitted on the interior side of existing windows, enhancing thermal insulation, reducing noise pollution, and increasing security without altering the external appearance of period windows.

The Benefits of Heritage Secondary Glazing

Enhanced Insulation: Creates a thermal barrier that retains heat during winter and keeps your home cooler in summer.

Soundproofing: Reduces external noise, perfect for homes in busy or urban areas, providing a peaceful living environment.

Non-Intrusive Installation: Installed from the inside, it does not affect the building’s exterior, maintaining the authentic look of your heritage property.

Increased Security: Offers an extra layer that can deter potential break-ins, giving you additional peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency: Improves the energy efficiency of your home, potentially reducing heating bills and your carbon footprint.

How Heritage Secondary Glazing Works

Heritage Secondary Glazing involves the careful placement of a discrete secondary window pane on the interior of existing windows. This process is reversible, which is often a requirement for listed buildings and conservation areas. The installation is carried out with sensitivity to the original features, ensuring that the historical value and aesthetic integrity of the property are preserved.

Our Commitment to Heritage Homes

At Kiwi Home Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing heritage homeowners with the means to enhance their properties responsibly. We offer customised Heritage Secondary Glazing solutions that respect the architectural integrity of your home while bringing it up to modern standards of comfort and efficiency.

Get in Touch for a Heritage Consultation

If you own a heritage property and are looking for ways to improve its performance without compromising its character, contact us for a detailed consultation. We’ll guide you through the benefits and process of Heritage Secondary Glazing tailored specifically for your home.

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