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Testimonials for Kiwi Home Solutions

Kevin called us today to say how pleased he was with the whole experience of having his windows done, the consultant who sold the product, the installers who fitted his Heritage product and the office staff who did the admin. He was so so pleased with his windows and just wanted us to know that!

Heritage Secondary Glazing, 02.11.2017

Dear John,
It is with great delight that I write to thank you and Kiwi Home Solutions for fitting double glazing to our home. We are just thrilled with the result and it looks 1000% better than I had imagined. We got exactly what you had shown us with the samples. It is so quiet. I can still hear the rubbish truck but you would need to be in a soundproof room to quell any noise from that piece of machinery. Thank you again for all your work.

Janet and Duncan
Retrofit Double Glazing, 27.03.2018

I give my thanks to both installers, the electrician and Bruce, especially Bruce who has done a wonderful job, so professionally and dotted every i and ticked all the boxes. Good to do business with you, thank you.

Walter, Rotorua

To say we are pleased would be an understatement from the time we met with Chris until Ben left after cleaning the last window everything went like clockwork. A very professional and efficient team to work with we could not be happier..

Ron & Thea Gussey
Retrofit DG March 2019

Hi Claire. This is Mechelle and Leonid from Whakatane, we just had recently upvc windows installed, just to let you know the job is completed and we are very happy with the finished product. Straight away we have noticed the difference in sound reduction. Also an awesome team of workers that were here working for the week. Glen, Nik, Andy and Tyler were the workers, and they were all brilliant ! Thanking you

Mechelle and Leonid of Whakatane

Kiwi Home Solutions installed Heritage retrospective double glazing in our home earlier his year and the results have been everything that was promised. No more “crying windows”, no more draughts and a noticeably warmer home that’s quicker to heat and stays warm longer, meaning we’ve used much less firewood this winter too. We have never had a more comfortable winter in our home. This was an economical double glazing solution with the added benefit of solving the problem of draughty windows. Kiwi Home Solutions’ service was very good and I regularly recommend them to others.

Jackie, Pauatahanui

This is a neekkk level colab with #sayr 💚 so we saved up and got a SAYR home ventilation and air duct system installed in March and it’s actually da 💣. I grew up in a state house with condensation, mould, dampness and cold so I decided when I became a grown up(lol)me and my kids would breathe better 24/7. The air quality makes it easier for Taane’s asthma, we have no condensation and because we have an amazing air duct installed I just push a button for heat or cool to flow in ALL our rooms. Wtf? It means warm nights and cooler days. We 💚 our little investment in our kids healthy future so if this is your buzz head to and say I sent you cos they might hook you up. It’s a NZ owned business too so you’re putting your cash back into US.

Anika Moa – Auckland (via Instagram)

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