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The aim of Kiwi Home Solutions is to help you to work out what is the next best step to make your home warmer and drier in the winter, cooler in the summer and help make your home more healthy and comfortable AND save you power, all year round.

We have the Solutions

There are so many ways to improve the environment in your home, and every home is different and every family is different.

Our advice is free and the product solutions we offer are all market leaders (independently tested), at very competitive prices and with excellent guarantees. When discussing these products, we promise there will be no pushy salesmanship, just honest advice. We want you to be so happy with our service that you just have to recommend us to your friends!

What We Offer

One of our friendly and helpful consultants will visit, and assess your windows, insulation, heating, lighting, ventilation & power usage. We will offer tips on how you can improve them, and give you recommendations for products where appropriate.

Our suggestions for improvements are offered in order of greatest need or quickest payback and are made to particularly suit the unique needs of your family and home.

We have consultants in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Wellington and Auckland as well as a franchise partner in Taranaki

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Double Glazing

There is a lot to know about double glazing! We are experts and can help you choose the best for your needs…

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SAYR Ventilation

The benefits of good air circulation in any home cannot be overstated…

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Long Term Savings

The great thing about investing in improvements like double glazing, ventilation and energy saving measures like LED lighting, is that the savings get better every year as energy costs continue to soar.

These are improvements that start paying back immediately, have minimal or no ongoing costs, and add significant value and saleability to your home.

The graph shows how the price of electricity has climbed way faster than the CPI during the years 2005 to 2012.

From Statisics NZ’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) for years to December.  Annual data points show the annual increase per year.


What Else?

Also where appropriate, we can quote for extraction fans, heat transfer systems, heat pumps and other products – all at very competitive prices.

Quality Products

All of the products we offer are selected by us for quality, reliability and value for money. We stand behind our products with excellent warranties and back up service. Our focus is on your satisfaction.

Fully Tested

All the products we offer perform exceptionally well according to independent tests (ECCA, Consumer & Industry).

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