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Tailored Clip System for Heritage Secondary Glazing

by Kiwi Home Solutions

Kiwi Home Solutions introduces a bespoke Clip System designed for Heritage Secondary Glazing, offering a sympathetic approach to insulating historic windows.

Our solution aims to preserve the authenticity of your heritage home while providing you with the benefits of modern secondary glazing.

Benefits of the Clip System

Non-Disruptive Installation: The Clip System is fitted internally with minimal impact on the original window frames, ideal for heritage conservation.

Flexible and Removable: Our clip system allows for the secondary pane to be easily removed or opened, offering flexibility during warmer seasons or for cleaning.

Customisation Options: We provide a selection of frame colors and finishes that respect and enhance the historic character of your home.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: Secondary glazing significantly improves heat retention, contributing to a warmer and more energy-efficient home.

Noise Insulation: Create a tranquil indoor environment by reducing outside noise, thanks to the added layer of glazing.

Features of Our Clip System

Precision Engineering: Each system is precisely engineered to fit your existing windows, ensuring a perfect match.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Made with high-quality materials, our Clip System is built to last while preserving the window’s heritage aesthetics.

Discreet Appearance: Specially designed to be unobtrusive, maintaining the original look and feel of your heritage windows.

Reversible Fixings: Ideal for listed buildings and conservation areas, our system is fully reversible, adhering to heritage property regulations.

Marrying Tradition with Innovation

Kiwi Home Solutions is dedicated to protecting the historic essence of your property. Our Clip System for Heritage Secondary Glazing stands as a testament to our commitment—offering you a modern solution that does not compromise on the traditional values of your home.

Speak to Our Heritage Glazing Specialists

Your heritage property deserves the best of both worlds—authenticity and comfort. Our Clip System for Heritage Secondary Glazing is crafted to meet these needs. Reach out to Kiwi Home Solutions for a personalised consultation, and take the next step in safeguarding your home’s heritage.

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