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The SAYR Home Ventilation System uses a highly effective yet very simple ‘positive pressure’ process of using drier and often warmer air to flush out existing stale damp polluted air inside the home.

Nowadays, good mechanical positive pressure ventilation systems are a must for every home. The SAYR Home Ventilation system will ventilate your home, filtering out pollutants and keep it drier, healthier and safer. This can be done with all the windows and doors closed.

Our advanced filtering technology means the air leaving the filter is cleaner and fresher than the air outside your home. And it’s so quiet even with the filtering mode on you will hardly know it is going at all.

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Mould & Mildew

Moisture creates perfect conditions for mould, mildew and dust mites to thrive. Places like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries encourage the growth of mould.


There is a lot more to dew on the window in the morning. If condensation occurs, it is an important warning that there is too much moisture in the air. Moisture increases opportunity for the growth of mould and health issues.

Removes Pollutants

Pollutants and irritants are reduced as the ventilation system filters them from the new air. This includes pollen and dust mites,greatly reducing their impact on people with asthma, bronchitis and allergies.
Good ventilation and moisture control are vital to minimise the likelihood of damp and mould. Damp homes are harmful to your health and your furniture, and moist air is more difficult to heat than dry air, which will greatly increase your heating bills and make it harder to actually feel warm even when the temperature is sufficient.

Just opening a few windows during the warmer part of the day in winter and taking measures to reduce the amount of moisture that you produce in the home will make a difference but, if you have a big problem with mould and damp and/or condensation, a ventilation system is a great asset.

A good quality, appropriately designed, sized and properly installed ventilation system for your home will give you fresh, filtered, drier air all year round, it will vastly reduce condensation and help with some warmth in winter and some cooling in summer.

During our assessment of your home, we will look at your current ventilation and moisture control products and practices and offer tips and solutions to help. If we feel that you would benefit from a ventilation system, we will quote for the one that we feel has the best features and the best value for money on the market today, which is in our opinion, the SAYR system.

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SAYR Certified Assessors

Kiwi Home Solutions are the SAYR Home Ventilation representatives for the Bay of Plenty (BOP) area. We offer in home assessments, installation and follow-up service on all SAYR products. Talk to our friendly team!

Why SAYR is the right choice

  • A specialist ventilation company in NZ
  • 100% New Zealand owned and operated
  • Product is 100% New Zealand designed, manufactured and assembled
  • SAYR is an ‘exclusive brand’ not a re branded product sold by other companies under a different guise like so many others
  • The SAYR ventilation product is designed for its specific purpose, not modified for other purposes thus compromising its effectiveness and results
  • Our installations are carried out by SAYR trained and accredited installers, not just electricians
  • SAYR’s consultants are in house trained for selling SAYR product
  • SAYR takes great pride in wholesome honest advice and ‘no’ pressure selling
  • SAYR’s after sales care and product service is also carried out by SAYR trained and accredited staff, not contracted out to other companies

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What does the SAYR home ventilation system consist of ?

SAYR Control Panel
Intelligent controller, featuring SMS (smart management system). Fully automated. Set and Forget

SAYR Fan Motor
Supplied by the worldwide leader, EBM Papst of Germany, known to be the best for performance, reliability and quietness.

SAYR Ceiling Vents
Our 150mm round vents are specially designed to direct airflow where it is needed. They are unobtrusive and will compliment any décor.

SAYR Filter
The hospital grade F7 filters are also treated with anti-microbial agents to destroy pollutants on contact

Fire Retardant Ducting
SAYR ducting is specially constructed to withstand the temperature extremes found in your roof ensuring longevity of performance.

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