LED Lighting to Save Energy

LED Lighting is the future of lighting.

Changing normal light bulbs for LEDs will save you electricity and that is great, but the most important lights in your house to change are the open, vented, down lights, like the one pictured.

These old down lights are a shocking waste of energy, usually provide a poor light and often need replacing because they tend to overheat.  The waste of energy is twofold. Firstly they most often have normal incandescent light bulbs in them, or at best an “energy saving” CFL bulb, but even more importantly, they are holes like chimneys in your ceiling that let the rising heat (that you pay so dearly for in the winter) escape easily and freely into your roofspace. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the heat that flows up into the roof is replaced with cold air from outside or from other parts of the house.

Add to that, the fact that they are a fire hazard and so the insulation in the roof has to be kept well away from them and you finish up with ceiling insulation that is full of big holes that suck heat out of the room!

We could go on.   The warm air that goes up into the ceiling out of a living space is often quite moist air. When it hits the cold roof it condenses and produces moisture, another enemy in the roofspace. Then of course, the open holes often drop in dust, pollution and bugs.

So much better to replace that with a modern, low energy usage LED lighting like this one…

These are sealed, so allow no air movement from the room to the ceiling space and no dust and bugs from the ceiling space into the room!

Because they are IC-F rated, the LED unit itself can be completely covered in ceiling insulation. Only the Driver (or transformer) needs to be above the insulation. This means that your ceiling insulation is complete and not compromised with the holes that need to be left for other types of downlight.

They use about one tenth of the electricity for the same output of light and, because the light is diffused, it gives a nicer effect.

You can choose either warm white or natural white light depending on the area, and all our LED lights are dimmable so you can change the mood of the lights as well.  Life expectancy is around 40-50,000 hours, or about 20 years of normal usage.

We offer a complete supply and installation service at excellent rates.  Our technicians are trained and certified and tidy(!) and they will leave you with an Electrical Certificate for any work that they do.





Better than Conventional Bulbs

You can run up to 10 LED lamps of equivalent light output for the same amount of electricity as 1 ordinary bulb.

Better than "Evergy Saver" Bulbs

You can run up to 4 LED lamps of equivalent light output for the same amount of electricity as 1 CFL or “Energy Saver” bulb.

Environmentally Friendly

LED lamps are very environmentally friendly and contain no mercury.

Great Performance

LED lamps will last around 50,000 hours.  That’s over 17 years at 8 hours per day!

No Fire Risk

Unlike conventional bulbs, LED lamps produce very little heat.

Bright and the right White

Modern LEDs are now far brighter than they were and come in warm or cool white versions

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