“Heritage” Secondary Glazing

Heritage Secondary Glazing is highly effective, yet low cost, double glazing

What is Heritage Secondary Glazing?

We call our secondary glazing system Heritage. It uses the type of system that has been tried and tested in the UK for many years and is extremely efficient, yet very economical, compared to retrofit double glazing.

Secondary glazing is glazing that fits inside your existing glass panels, so your windows are the first layer of the double glazing and the secondary glazing is the second layer.

We use high quality aluminium frames which are powder coated to match your existing joinery – aluminium or timber – and optical grade acrylic instead of glass. The advantages of acrylic are that it is lighter than glass and much safer, it is a much better insulator than glass and it has a very high UV block.

This video shows the difference Heritage Secondary Glazing makes to condensation

Heritage Secondary Glazing sliding system over timber joinery

Heritage secondary glazing sliding system over aluminium joinery

2 Hertitage Options:

There are two types of Heritage secondary glazing: Sliding and Fixed, and both have their place.

Sliding System
The sliding system gives the best insulation as it is completely separate from the existing window and so provides a total thermal break. It effectively insulates the whole window including the cold aluminium frame and this system is THE most effective for noise reduction. When you want to open a window, or clean it, you slide one panel of the secondary glazing across to access it. You can easily remove one or all of the secondary glazing panels if need be and for summer time, you can replace one of them with a fly screen.

Fixed System
The fixed system is attached to the inside of your existing frames, usually with an insulated clip bead system. With this system, all your existing window hardware, like handles and safety catches, are readjusted to work exactly the same way that they always have.

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