Double Glazing: Frequently Asked Questions

Will double glazing stop condensation?
Double glazing will definitely reduce condensation on the glass itself but has no effect on the condensation that forms on aluminium frames.
Will double glazing reduce noise?
It will reduce the noise that transmitted through the glass, but cannot affect the noise transmission through the frames, the surrounding walls, the ceiling and any air gaps in any of the above. The best noise reduction through the glazing is gained using laminated glass and as big an air gap as possible.
Will double glazing save me money on power bills?
Yes. Any insulation helps to reduce heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer.
Does double glazing make windows more secure?
As long as the locks and handles are good, double glazing is a lot harder to break through than single glazing
Does double glazing reduce the heat from the sun in summertime?
Normal double glazing will not reduce solar heat, in fact it can make it warmer because the heat cannot escape so easily. However, if solar gain is a problem we can use different types of glass to help.
How is secondary glazing different to double glazing?
Double glazing is two glass panels joined together with an air gap between called an insulating glass unit. Secondary glazing is a second window of glass or optical acrylic that is fitted inside the frame of the existing window.
Is secondary glazing more efficient than double glazing?
Every house is different so there is no one answer to that, however secondary glazing will often out-perform regular double glazing, particularly for noise control and condensation.
Can you get condensation between the panels of secondary glazing?
Some systems are better than others. Our Heritage system is designed to allow windows to breathe, which very much limits the risk of internal condensation. It is also very easy vent and clear should it occur.
Is secondary glazing cheaper than double glazing?
Every situation is different , but secondary glazing can be as little as half the price of replacement double glazing.

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